Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar


The place where wine becomes art

The cellar is the place where Walter and Joachim use their decades-long experiences to give the individuality and signature to their wines. The wine artists put special emphasis on unfolding the individual character of their wines and on expressing the vineyard specific flavour as well as making them a pleasure to drink.

Therefore patience, the attention to detail and a special experienced feeling are essential.

Grape processing

After selective handpicking the grapes are transported to the wine estate immediately in order to become cooled. The gentle processing takes place at 10 °C in an oxygen free environment for preventing oxidation of flavours. The following time of maceration (the time of contact of juice and flavourrich grape skins) is chosen according to the grape material and lasts between 4 and 24 hours. The exact time of pressing is evaluated by tasting the juice. With the following gentle pressing of the grapes, juice runs into the cellar only with the help of gravity.

After sedimentation (the natural settling of grape pulp, where only clear juice remains), the juice (grape must) is taken to fermentation. Fermentation takes place under cooled conditions for expressing a maximum of flavours in the wine.


The winemaking has a crucial impact on a wine’s fruit and terroir development. Although the grapes become equipped with their whole flavour potential in the vineyard, it is in the cellar where the special flavours and the wine fruit gets shaped with the necessary experiences and Know-How.

The development of fruity Classique wines takes place in stainless steel tanks, while storage on the lees in large, neutral oak casks (3,000 litres) and small oak barrels (225 l) points out the minerality of soft and is on yeast storage in big wood (3,000 litres) and oak barrels, where wine’s smooth and tender taste comes out. During the development in oaks the wine flavour gets supported by a special roasted flavour of the wood.

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