30 year perfection

„Wine is life, our life is wine.“ This phrase reflects what has always characterised the family Skoff and united the generations with one another inseparably. Through their great dedication to viticulture and shared commitment to constantly improving quality, they have expanded their knowledge and understanding of their own sites and wines year on year. These experiences are passed down from generation to generation and form the closely guarded secret that makes our wines so special.

Recent awards

Our masterpieces have been honoured with over 800 awards over the last 30 years, including more than 300 gold medals.

Wine is life. Our life is wine.

Walter Skoff - Winemaker at SKOFF ORIGINAL

The secret to a good wine lies in the family's attachment to this precious drink.

Walter Skoff - Winemaker at SKOFF ORIGINAL

Walter Skoff Team


Walter Skoff




Walter, Eva , Walter Martin & Franz Johann



Since 1984


Walter Skoff Team

Walter Skoff Team

Excellent new vintage 2016!

The following wines from the new vintage year of 2016 are now available from the yard and in the online shop: